NASSAU, Bahamas — A former companion of Anna Nicole Smith said Wednesday that her attorney-turned-boyfriend Howard K. Stern took several photographs of the collapsed body of her late 20-year-old son for profit.

G. Ben Thompson, a South Carolina developer, testified that Stern took about four pictures of Daniel Smith's body after he died Sept. 10, 2006, while visiting his celebrity mother three days after she gave birth to her daughter in a Bahamian hospital.

Stern said the photographs "might be worth some money one day," according to Thompson, who was embroiled in an ownership dispute with Stern over the Nassau mansion where he lived with Anna Nicole before her Feb. 8 death of a prescription drug overdose.

"I was totally shocked he was taking pictures of a dead child laying in that bed," Thompson testified at the inquest into the death while being questioned by an attorney for Anna Nicole's long-estranged mother, Virgie Arthur.

Stern's attorney Shaka Serville said Thompson first made the allegations in October 2007 while appearing on a TV show hosted by Geraldo Rivera. Serville accused him of fabricating the statement about Stern as retaliation over the dispute for the $900,000 estate.