These pics were taken Saturday, the day of Brits release from Cedars-Sinai. Crazy bitch is sharing her lollipop pantless, while smoggin out on a cig, with married photog Adnan and relaxing at a bungalow in Santa Barbara on Saturday night. They were also seen holding hands (gag) and kissing (vomit), while making a Starbucks run the following day.

The two have become regular companions lately. A source at Finalpixx, where Ghalib is a paparazzo, confirmed earlier to that the photographer and Spears have been getting close in recent weeks, but would not go as far as saying the two are dating.

"I know, but I can't say," said the source with a laugh.

Ok, how dumb is she? Poor girl already tried this rebel underdog game with her broke, back-up dancer and he became "K-Fed", took her money, her looks, her dignity, her career and her children. What's left? Oh yeah, there's still plenty of money $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to go around.

I don't believe that she's gonna let this mooch, this, this shameless man pretend to care for her. What's wrong with her? This is not classic bipolar behavior, this is classic stupidity! He's already suaving-out his hair and doing the 2002 belt buckle tuck. What a douche.

Maybe Osama Lutfi will rise again and come back for his woman and his loot. It was probably Adnan's idea to hold the kids hostage. I can see Osama and Adnan in a hostage standoff with Britney coming soon.

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[source: CelebTV]