Inside sources claim Adnan, who works for the Finalpixx photo agency, is already brokering a million dollar deal with tabloids for the exclusive story and pictures of his relationship with Britney.

Britney first met Adnan in September and immediately told friends she thought he was "cute".

They have quite the romantic history; Adnan came to Brit's rescue when she asked a crowd of paparazzi following her to get her a tampon while using the bathroom at a Los Angeles Quiznos sandwich store.

The Daily Mail
reports, that the Los Angeles-based photo agency that Adnam Ghalib works for, Finalpixx, was yesterday trying to broker a deal with UK newspapers for use of pictures of Mr Ghalib and Miss Spears together.

The images were taken after Spears managed to check herself out of a secure unit at an LA hospital where she had been sensationally taken by police after taking her own children hostage in a custody row with her estranged husband Kevin Federline. Some sources suggested last night that she may even be in on the deal, in so doing making a profit for herself and also being able to control which pictures of her go out.

The photographer has apparently been telling Miss Spears that he can keep her safe from the rest of the paparazzi pack by using the kind of skills he has learned from his years on the job in LA.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the pair then headed to Palm Springs, and checked into a £500-a-night suite at the Hyatt Grand Champion resort.

The next day they turned up in nearby Palm Desert, just 20 minutes out of Palm Springs, where they had cocktails and breakfast at the fashionable Daily Grill.

The following day, they were in Santa Monica before leaving for another as yet unidentified "safe house," arranged by Ghalib, in the Hollywood Hills.

It was during this three-day Bonnie and Clyde-style trip that Ghalib took various sets of pictures of Britney in their hotel suite, and videos of them together. Some sources suggest the videos were of an "extremely intimate or even sexual" in nature.

Which might leave Miss Spears in rather a compromised position should they break up.

Birmingham-based friends and relatives of Mr Ghalib, 35, spoke yesterday of their surprise about his relationship with Britney since he comes from an extremely devout Muslims family.

A friend said: "I don't think Mr and Mrs Ghalib would approve of his choice considering they are strict Muslims."

Ghalib, who is separated from his wife, grew up in the Small Heath suburb of Birmingham. One friend described Adnan, who left Britain in 1996 to pursue a career in the US, as "a typical Asian Brummie" who could "talk the hind legs off a donkey".

Another said: "Adnan was a real charmer and had a real drive to get on in the world. But everyone is gobsmacked that he is with Britney."

Trouble, trouble, trouble. I'm gonna start calling Brit "the hound" cause she can sniff out trouble from miles away and fearlessly go with it!

Without the structure of having to visit with the children, Britney is going to go absolutely wild! This story is just beginning to get interesting, albeit tragic, there are many more events to unfold.

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