National Enquirer has it on exclusive that Brits long sleepless tirade was meth induced.

"Britney Spears had been on a 24-hour meth binge before she was rushed to the hospital, The NATIONAL ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. Ironically, she was desperately trying to stay awake - because she was terrified that if she fell asleep, her family would "drag her off to a mental institution," according to a close source. The drama began at 2 a.m. Wednesday when Britney and Sam Lutfi checked into the Beverly Hills Hotel and she began doing meth. In addition to her mental problems the ENQUIRER has learned that Britney is addicted to crystal meth, and details her addiction in a front page story this week. Meanwhile, her meth habit played a key role in her recent hospitalization and friends told her mother, Lynne, that she hadn't slept since last Saturday. Her drug-taking went on all day, interrupted only by brief dashes to her home. Secret arrangements for her hospitalization had been made - but no-one wanted it to happen at the hotel."

Enquirer sure knows how to dig up the poop on a dog, wonder if this one has any real merit.