Yesterday Britney got "scared and dizzy" following the shortcut given to her by paparazzi. She jumps out of the car saying, "I can't do this, I'm scared", in her British accent, meaning, "I am pretending to be helpless and I want to sleep with another paparazzi. Will someone please get in my car, so I can capture you and bring you back to my dirty house".

You can hear a woman at Britney's passenger window asking if she wants her to come with, but Britney looks at her and suddenly gains the ability to drive herself.

When the male pap, with a matching British accent, asks if she wants him to go with her, she says, "yes, just get in the car, get in the car, sorry my shit's everywhere". I'm sure she meant, "sorry I would have cleaned up if I had known I'd be getting lucky."

How much shit could she have in the car? She just got it yesterday.

[image: WENN]