Oh boy, here comes more crazy . Adnan has been filming Brit, of course, and it's of her spewing at the mouth and crying , then ranting . There are six videos he is pedaling to the highest bidder for £1million.

Newsoftheworld has spoken to a close source that has seen four of the video clips says:

"It's like something out of a horror movie. Britney spends the whole time ranting, raving and weeping. It's not entertainment.

"Adnan is just determined to wring as much out of Britney as possible before their relationship burns out.

"But these videos are a step too far. They're sinister and disturbing and show Britney at her very lowest."

CLIP No1 shows Britney sitting on her bed wearing a nightie. She talks about herself in the third person and rambles about her childhood. She's heard saying:

"When Britney was a child, she had to work really hard. When she was 13 years old, she won all the beauty pageants."

CLIP No2 shows Brit wrapped in a white bath towel, again perched on the edge of the bed. Talking to thin air, she mumbles:

"Britney has an angel looking out for her, don't you, angel?"

CLIP No3 sees a Britney talking to Adnan, who's holding the camera, and calling him by his pet name Bubba.

She smiles: "I'm really happy. Bubba's here for me now. It's all good."

Adnan is still withholding CLIP No4 and CLIP No5 but CLIP No6, filmed last week, shows Britney crying hysterically after a night out.

Mascara stains her cheeks as she wails: "Britney wants to live. I'm not crazy. I miss the kids and I did love Kevin."

The source told me:

"Adnan's sunk lower than ever. He's proved himself to be a manipulative rat by making these tapes and he's convinced they're worth at least £1 million."

The couple have been together for less than a month, but Adnan has already tried to flog intimate pictures of Britney and hopes to make £5 MILLION from their relationship.

It has also been revealed that the Birmingham-born snapper is listed as a reviewer on sexual health products website SexHealthReview which says it aims to help men being "drained where it hurts the most" through stress, work and poor diet.

Newsoftheworld also planted an apology beneath the Britney story, to Kate Moss for printing misinformation they received from a bad source: (I guess they are determined to prove the legitimacy of these videos.)

We would like to apologise to Kate Moss and to her family and friends for any offence or distress caused by our article last week relating to alleged events at her 34th birthday party at the Dorchester Hotel.
The News of the World was offered detailed information from a normally reliable source which we now accept was untrue. We regret publication of that material in the RAV column and have agreed to pay Kate a sum in damages.