Amy Winehouse was caught on video smoking crack! Shs also snorts up some Ecstacy and tells her friends that she's taken 6 Valium, "so she wont be any use to them". Oh and all of this is around 5am... she has a court date at 8am, so she really has to take it easy on the partying.

I like that Amy uses crack as a chaser to her Valium and Ecstacy, how advanced.

She also mumbles off some bullshit about her missing cat, “If I was that cat I’d leave on my own accord — I’d call a cab. It ain’t right. This ain’t Toys R Us. They took my cat.”

A friend of Amy's tells Sun:

Wedding pic ... Amy and BlakeAmy is locked in a nosedive towards oblivion — she is killing herself. The video shows a woman completely out of control.

Her family and her few real friends have begged her to pull herself from the brink many times. But here is proof she has pressed the self-destruct button.

Her fans would scarcely recognize the drug-addled wreck in the video as the talented performer they love.

We can only pray she will get a wake-up call when she watches the video herself and sees the terrible state she is in.Close_quote

The pal added: “Amy is looking ill and dirty, and is so thin you wonder how much more she can take. She MUST get help.”

Amy threw the party at her trendy home in the early hours of Friday — just before she went to court to support husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL at a remand hearing.

Within seconds of greeting pals at the door, she greedily snorted powdered ecstasy offered on the corner of a credit card.

Minutes later, with her head swimming, she is seen on the video being offered cocaine.

A friend cautions her not to take too much because the drug is from a highly-concentrated stash.

But Amy disregards the warning and hungrily snorts a clump.

The star, her new bottle-blonde hair looking dull and lifeless, then drifts through her lounge in search of the next fix.

She appears oblivious to booze and drugged-up hangers-on milling around and playing on her pool table.

The surreal scene is played out against a soundtrack of 1950s songs from the stereo, including It’s All In The Game by crooner Tommy Edwards, who drank himself to death at 47.

Just before 5am, Amy heads up a spiral staircase to her dimly-lit bedroom, where she squats on her leopardskin print duvet and chats to scruffy pals as she primes a glass pipe with rocks of crack.

She fires it up with a lighter and inhales deeply several times, holding the fumes in her lungs as long as possible to maximize the effect.

The voice that has sold millions of records is transformed into a weak, breathless croak as she tries to talk.

On a wall in the background is a wedding picture of Amy and Fielder-Civil, who is in jail awaiting trial on assault and perverting justice charges.

Pals ask her to go out with them, but she mutters: “I’d be useless to you because I’ve had about six Valium.”

Ironically, she insists she cannot party too heavily as she has to be up at 8am to get to the court on time.

Amy’s real friends believe she is now at constant risk of an overdose like the one which led to her notorious collapse last August.

One said: “Someone has to turn her around, otherwise a great talent will disappear forever very soon.”

[source: Sun]