Oprah endorsed, Extreme Makeover doc, Dr. Jan Adams, has this to say, TMZ reports, about the surgery he performed on Donda West before she died.

Ms. West consulted with him over a period of four months, changing her mind numerous times, sometimes greenlighting the surgery and sometimes halting it. Her death, which followed a tummy tuck and breast reduction, was unforeseen and could have been caused by a heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or massive vomiting.

Dr. Adams says he did nothing wrong. As for the TMZ report that Beverly Hills doctor, Andre Aboolian, refused to conduct the surgery because of a medical condition that West had, Dr. Adams said of Dr. Aboolian, "He is sleazy and manipulating the truth to elevate his own importance."

These surgeries are complicated and dangerous, it's very sad Kanye lost his mom to such stupidity.