Britney is following in the footsteps of the pop icon Michael Jackson. Gotta start slow in the process of a total transformation, that way you don't notice you've gone completely crazy!!

Brit first talked herself into the lipo, then moved on the lips, then the vicious cycle began. Tacos - lipo, more tacos more lipo..

When Britney looks in the mirror, she doesn't like what she sees. She thinks she looks old and worn, and wants to look fresh again. She doesn't fit in a size 2 or 4, but that's what she buys. She says when she loses 10 or 15 lbs., she'll have an amazing wardrobe." a pal tells the National Enquirer, back in October.

Lazy ass is 26 now? Her body has been conditioned to workout her entire life, like she couldn't put down the taco long enough to work out and get back into shape. It would just take 6 weeks and would be much less painful than the drug/surgery route.

Okay, so instead of taking a cue from Janet Jackson to workout and slim down, she's going to go the Michael Jackson route and let a doctor do the shaping with a knife. Here's what she's got planned:

1) narrow the nose along the top and sides
2) Restylane injections in the lines around her mouth
3) remove all hair from her body through laser treatment
4) lipo the thighs
and now....
5) a boob job!

Her friend goes on to say, "Britney has a history of compulsive behavior. She's a compulsive eater, and when she drinks, she drinks to excess. When she parties, she parties non-stop." We all know the difference between drinking and "partying", nice Britters.

She should stay in and watch "Larry King Live" Tuesday night. She may learn something!