The lawyers for the Beverly Hillbilly's met today in court to discuss Britney's failure to adhere to the court ordered drug tests.

People reports: Britney has missed 3 of the random drug and alcohol tests that she is currently required to submit twice-weekly. She is supposed to give a urine sample within six hours of being called, however her phone number continues to change because, "her number often falls into the wrong hands".

K-Fed's lawyer describes Brit's above-the-law attitude as living in a "parallel universe" for being unreachable by phone.

Anne Kiley, Brit's lawyer calls the procedure "unconstitutional" and that she's tested clean on 10 occasions. As long as she provides her urine sample within six hours of being called, she feels it should be sufficient and is trying to push Kaplan for an agreement.

Spears's lawyer, Anne Kiley, called the current drug testing procedure "unconstitutional," adding that just because the singer may fail to respond to testing calls doesn't mean she's using drugs. Kiley stated that Spears tested clean on 10 occasions.

When Commissioner Gordon stated that responding to a morning call wasn't an extreme request, Kiley shot back:
"But you're not a pop star with a No. 1 album to promote."

Stop there, we all know that album fell into no. 2, but that's not the funny part. Any artist that's not "living in a parallel universe" any where in the top 100 Billboard chart would be busy working their ass off promoting their album. Mark Kaplan has a point! How is this phenomenon happening?

Lawyers for both sides were unable to agree on new testing rules, but are to inform Commissioner Gordon by Tuesday if they've reached a decision.

Oh an one more thing, "Just because Ms. Spears is unable to return a call within one hour doesn't reflect what kind of mother she is," Kiley told reporters after the hearing. "It's a nonsensical procedure. She could be in a movie or traveling. What matters is that she provides a sample within six hours and that she tests negative."

Contraire mofrair, It does mean she's a bad mother if she misses her court ordered drug tests!! Where's the self respect, Mom? Why not be a mother to your children and put all of this nonsense to rest!!

If the woman would do anything, show any normal amount of interest in her children, she could sink Federline, but too bad; she's a BAD MOTHER living in a parallel universe!!!