The details are in the fishnets!

It's sad, well, not "sad", maybe pathetic is a better word for it... sad is her relationship with her kids.. It's PATHETIC that a bartender has better taste, than a person with millions of dollars at her disposal!!!

Britney swapped outfits with a bartender at Winston's on Monday, OK Magazine reports because she said her boobs were "too saggy". She boosted the confidence of the lucky bartender, by telling her, "nice tits! Mine are all saggy" and went on to ask her to swap outfits with her, bra included. There were witnesses that recount the scene, as the two were waiting for a bathroom stall.

She's all class, ain't she!? Just goes to show you folks, money can't buy you happiness, nor love, nor friends, nor good taste!!! Nor children!

Just what has money done for Brit lately? T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!

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