What happens when you do an interview with Britney in the morning? Giggling chaos!

Well, this morning Ryan Seacrest fans enjoyed a few fleeting moments of Britney at 9am, when he called her for an interview and woke her up.

The interview was so obnoxious, passing the phone off to Alli and Lutfi. When Seacrest asked where she went, Alli told him she was taking a shower. Bullsh!! That lazy ass went right back to sleep.

He then later calls her back with Lance Bass on the line and Sam and Alli take control of the interview, passing the phone back and forth, not allowing Britney to speak on the phone. Their excuse is that Britney's kids are there and Britney is with them at the moment, then makes the mistake of saying that the kids are coming over later. Sam Lutfi also says, he and Alli are in the car, on their way to get McDonald's or Starbucks, then moments later says he's going back to bed.

It's rude and pathetic! listen here: Pain button

Today's interview was the most promotion she's done or will do, she admits, for her new album Blackout, but it's still expected to be number #1 the charts this week!


  1. kristina r. // March 20, 2008 at 4:16 PM  

    um who would get up to do an interview?!?!
    if your sleeping then no, just because some people are needy and would jump up because they are stupid doesn't mean everbody should!
    stop hating already